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About "Japanese Ambience"

I want people to feel close to Japanese culture.

"Japanese Ambience" aims to communicate the atmosphere, culture, and thoughts of Japan to people around the world by shooting videos while walking around Tokyo and other Japanese cities, and to familiarize people with the people and lifestyle of Japanese cities through videos. Since the videos are shot while walking, you can have a real and virtual travel experience as if you are actually walking around the streets of Japan.


Japan's sightseeing spots, downtown areas, castles, shrines and temples, the sea, Japanese food, back streets, etc., are all filmed in 4K high definition for long periods of time, and the sounds of the city are recorded as they are. Enjoy the environmental and natural sounds of Japan, such as people's voices, music on the street, rain, snow, and thunder.


In the article, you will also find route information and descriptions of stores and spots that appear in the video, so we hope it will be useful as a town guide for people traveling to Japan from overseas.

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