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[4K/Binaural] Tokyo Cruise, Sumida River Cruise from Asakusa to Takeshiba [Virtual Cruising Tour]

Virtual Cruising Tour from Asakusa to Waters Takeshiba

We took a boat ride along the Sumida River from the Asakusa-Nitenmon landing near Sensoji Temple to the Waters Takeshiba-mae landing. The weather was good and the wind was not strong, so we had a nice breeze on the ship's deck and enjoyed seeing the scenery behind the edge of the river and along the Sumida River, which we usually cannot see.

There were also other boats docked at the Waters Takeshiba Mae pier, notably the Esmeralda, designed by Leiji Matsumoto, a master of Japanese manga and anime.

Waters Takeshiba is home to a total of 24 restaurants, cafes, apparel stores, and amusement facilities, some of which are new to Japan and many of which are new to famous restaurants.

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