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[4K/Binaural] Edo Castle Ruins: Walking in Imperial Residence Outer Court [Virtual Walking Tour]

Virtual Walking tour route from Tokyo Station to Iidabashi Station

I walked from Tokyo Station along the inner moat of the Imperial Palace, past the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and the Nippon Budokan, and along Mejiro Street to JR Iidabashi Station. It is a very long route, but you can enjoy the view of the Imperial Palace, the remains of Edo Castle, from Tokyo Station and feel the heart of Tokyo as you walk along the inner moat.

What is the Nippon Budokan?

The Nippon Budokan was established to promote and encourage the traditional Japanese martial arts and to serve as a dojo for physical and mental training. It is also used as an indoor stadium, a multi-purpose hall, and for live music and TV variety shows.

Let's walk together! Binaural ASMR City Sound.

I hope these walking routes and walking videos are helpful to you as you plan your trip to Japan!

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