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[4K/Binaural] Tokyo Walk,Walking in the Outer Gardens of the Imperial Palace[Virtual Walking Tour]

Walking route in the Tokyo Station area

Gyoko-dori Avenue, a straight path from Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace, is a popular spot for photo shoots of couples in Hakama and wedding dresses and the iconic Tokyo Station.

Going from Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace Gardens and looking out over the buildings of Japan's central office district is a breathtaking sight!

What is Otemachi?

Otemachi, Tokyo, the heart of modern Japan. The Tokyo area, which includes Marunouchi, Otemachi and Yurakucho, is a symbol of Japan's development and an innovative area where history and the future coexist. Marunouchi, Otemachi, and Yurakucho are the epicenter of the Japanese economy, and the Tokyo area is home to a wide variety of business people.

In addition to the advanced atmosphere of high-rise buildings, the Imperial Palace Gardens and red-brick train station buildings attract tourists from around the world, and the area is recognized as the only place where history and the future coexist.

In particular, Marunouchi, home to the headquarters of the Mitsubishi Group and lined with skyscrapers, is one of Japan's premier office districts.

Adjacent to Marunouchi is Otemachi, which borders Chuo Ward.

I hope these walking routes and walking videos are helpful to you as you plan your trip to Japan!

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