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[4K] Walk through a quiet park with lots of greenery along the waterway

Oyokogawa Waterfront Park

This park is located in a residential area in the city. It is also used as a playground for children to feel the time flowing slowly.

The source of the river flowing through the canyon is a waterfall. There is also a walking path above the waterfall, so you can watch the flowing water from above. The sound of the water was soothing and relaxing. The scenery was as if I had come to visit some mountain village. There is a walking path between the trees, so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll.

There are playground equipment, a jabujabu waterway, a fishing pond, and sports facilities, so you can enjoy a variety of things. The park stretches from Tokyo Sky Tree to the vicinity of Kinshicho.

The park, which stretches about 1.8 km in total, has five distinctive zones, from north to south: the Fishing Riverbed Zone, the Kappa Riverbed Zone, the Flowering Leaves Zone, the Palette Plaza Zone, and the Blue Terrace Zone.

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