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Tokyo Walk, Walk through the ghost tunnel to Shinagawa Station

What is JR Takanawa Gateway Station?

I walked from JR Takanawa Gateway Station to Shinagawa Station. Currently, a large-scale redevelopment project is underway around Shinagawa Station, along a vertical line from Sengakuji Station and Takanawa Gateway Station to Shinagawa Station. There are large-scale construction projects going on that can only be seen now.

What is commonly known as the Ghost Tunnel?

The ceiling is so low that you can almost bump your head into it. There are electric lights, but they are dim. Water trickles down the walls. The tunnel was renovated in conjunction with the redevelopment of JR Takanawa Gateway Station. It's a shame to think that we won't be able to see the scenery of cars passing through the ceiling any time soon, and that another old Japanese scene will be lost.

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