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[4K] Walking in Akihabara, the birthplace of Japanese pop culture, including anime, maids, and manga

Walking tour route in Akibahara, Tokyo

I walked around Akihabara after the rain. Akihabara is a very crowded and lively place.

What is Akihabara, Tokyo?

kihabara is a vibrant shopping district with a wide range of electronics retailers, from small stalls in the electronics district to large stores like Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba and Bic Camera Akihabara. There is also the Tokyo Anime Center, which focuses on exhibits and souvenirs, and the 10-story Radio Kaikan, which features toys, trading cards, and collectibles, as well as stores specializing in manga, anime, and video games. Maid cafes are also a specialty, with staff dressed as maids and butlers serving tea and desserts.

Akihabara is a tourist town that attracts many people from all over Japan and the world because of its strong image as an "electric town" and a "mecca for otaku". However, in fact, Akihabara has a very quiet residential area where you can hardly feel the bustle in front of the station. You can also find unique stores that are typical of a traditional town that originally developed as a manufacturing town. In the elevated areas of Akihabara and Okachimachi, you can find unique stores selling leather goods, pottery, jewelry, and handmade goods.

I hope these walking routes and walking videos are helpful to you as you plan your trip to Japan!

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