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Tokyo Walk, Walking along Tennozu Isle, the city's waterfront

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Walking tour route in Tennozu Isle

Tennozu Isle is located on the waterfront of urban Tokyo. There are many restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy walking and eating in an extraordinary atmosphere, making it a very pleasant area to spend time.

Tennozu Isle, a small "island" the size of four Tokyo Domes, is located about 30 minutes from Shibuya and Shinjuku, and within walking distance from Shinagawa Station, and is an area with many great spots that take advantage of its waterfront location. There are many stores that allow pets, making it a popular place to take your dog.

The photogenic cityscape, the boardwalk along the canal, the sophisticated lifestyle stores, and the seaside terrace cafes make every part of the city fashionable, making it perfect for a girls' night out or a lunch with mom and dad. Even though it is located in the center of the city, many of the spots have a relaxed atmosphere, making it a great place for adult dates or for those who want to relax and chill out by themselves.

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