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[4K/Binaural] Tokyo Walk, Walk from Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree [Virtual Walking Tour]

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Virtual Walking tour route from Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree

We started from Azumabashi in Asakusa and walked through Sumida Park to Tokyo Sky Tree. Sumida Park is not as big as other parks in Tokyo, but it has a beautifully landscaped Japanese garden, Ushijima Shrine, fishing ponds, and temples. On weekends and holidays, the park is crowded with families and many stores lined up in front of the park.

What is Sumida Park?

In the central part of Sumida Park is a shrine with a torii gate, founded in the 9th century. There is a shrine called Ushijima Shrine with a sacred statue of a cow that is said to cure diseases.

At the entrance of the park, there are several fashionable stores called Tokyo Mizumachi, a fishing pond often used by the elderly, and a beautiful lawn, so the park is always crowded with families.

Tokyo Sky Tree at night when it was closed.

After it closes, Tokyo Skytree is a stylish and quiet spot for friends and couples to enjoy conversation and atmosphere because of its beautiful lighting and illumination, making it a great date spot.

It's just a shame that the illumination of the Tokyo Sky Tree ends at 8:00 p.m. since we are currently under a declared state of emergency.

I hope that the Tokyo Skytree will return to its usual beautiful illumination soon.

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